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We've made finding the right vector for your research easier. Simply search by keyword or filter your results by vector type, host system, or cloning system. Once the initial results are displayed, they can be further refined by selecting among characteristics such as promoter, inducer, and antibiotic selection. In addition we also have a wide selection of products related to vectors, including competent cells, media, plasmid purification kits and more.

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Bac-to-Bac® HBM TOPO® Cloning Kit pFastBac HBM TOPO A11338 20 reactions 1,174.00
Bac-to-Bac® HBM TOPO® Secreted Expression System pFastBac HBM TOPO A11339 20 reactions 2,560.00
DES® TOPO® TA Expression Kit pMT/V5-His-TOPO K412501 20 reactions 748.00
pIB/V5-His TOPO® TA Expression Kit pIB/V5-His-TOPO K89020 20 reactions 728.00